Jan Pro Region Master Opportunities

Jan Pro India offers a unique opportunity for people who want to be entrepreneurs, to start a high turnover business with minimal risks. As a Jan Pro Region Master you will be responsible for leading a team which manages Jan Pro sales and operations in a specific territory. All our region masters in India are people like you! They are well educated, driven to create a successful business and possess strong leadership skills

    Minimum Business Contracts provided by CM

    This business is given to the RM in a show of good faith. The revenues from these accounts can range from 60 lacs – 3 cr yearly turnover

    Wide range of potential clients

    Jan Pro presents the opportunity to set up a business which targets multiple customer segments
    Each customer segment needs commercial cleaning and more than 99% of them are already outsourcing to professional agencies

    Strong financial returns

    Jan Pro presents a huge opportunity to set up a business with a strong topline and bottomline
    Yearly turnover projections over a 5 year period range from 10-30Cr

    Low investment in marketing

    Most franchising opportunities require significant investment in direct to consumer marketing activities
    Jan Pro does not require significant marketing investment since it is a predominantly B2B industry